Bringing back the 3rd Place and organizing for community and mutual aid

There’s been quite a bit of mourning in online discussion spaces for something called the “third place” which, simply put, is a location that is not home or work but somewhere we’d find community. Whether a church, a bar, or a community center, a third place would be somewhere to meet with neighbors or peers to bond over shared interests, whether they be religion, neighborhood issues or even unfair treatment in the workplace.

Hystorically, a Lodge like the the Masons or VFW would serve this purpose. Tradespeople or veterans would congregate after a long day around a bar or a meal and compare notes. A Corvids Lodge aims to bring this back at a critical time, reintroducing the third place to a generation yearning for a space to organize and feel safe among peers. Now artists, leftists, queer and neurodivergent folx have a place to congregate and work to improve the urban spaces that matter to them.

To find out how to start your own Lodge in your city start here, and please reach out to ask questions. We deserve a space to speak freely and organize around mutual aid and leftist values.