Join Us

Our float in the 2019 Pride parade

Are you interested in joining the Rochester Ravens Lodge?  Each new member must be sponsored by an existing member.  How do you know who our existing members are if we don’t publicize our member rolls?  We never said joining would be easy, but we use a closed membership model in order to make sure everyone’s gonna be cool and we don’t inadvertently let in a bunch of misogynists or (something that rhymes with) Loud Boys.

Step 1: fill out this form.  If you’re near an existing lodge and one of our current members knows you and can vouch for your character we’ll send you next steps.  If you’re outside of Rochester, NY and want to start your own lodge let us know in the form.  Also, follow our facebook page for BGOC – we post infrequently but we will let you know when our next open house is happening.